Speed dating french resources French Speaking Activity: Speed Dating

Speed dating french resources

Tell the students that they have to use the objects they have to help them survive on the island.

At the bottom of each profile is a chart where the students write the name of their partner and determine how compatible they are with that person. Give pupils a theme, or let them use any words, and go round the class getting them to play word association. Pupils get very competitive, whilst they listen to numbers and solve the puzzle.

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Tell the group that they must prepare a three day itinerary for their visit. Fizz-buzz Another mental arithmetic game for the whole class. When is your birthday? Speed dating has roots in the Jewish faith, and was intended to help singles find others related to the faith.


They have to find a vocab item for each letter in a given time limit e. Pupils choose 11 numbers between 1 and 90 inclusive. Date in French Bundle Includes 7 of my products. Who gives up first?

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Months and days in French Powerpoint introducing the months, days and seasons in French. One pupil thinks of a vocab item, then the other pupil has to work out what it is by asking yes-no questions. This is an enjoyable game and allows for repeated practice of simple items. The resource can introduce the game by giving an example for one minute.

You tell the class that there has been a crime committed in the town last night at 8. This classroom procedure gives students a.


From this exercise draw up a a list of six to eight words, one from each category. Students may choose to call out one number, two numbers or three numbers. They must find out the item in no more than 20 questions. I free canadian dating services this old game because I find it works with all levels, not just near beginners.

Pupils work in pairs and each partner writes in a number of items on their grid.

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I am grateful to Sue Watkins for this simple game for beginners. You can do this in pairs with all sorts of topics.

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Thias is great practice for various levels in the class, as you can make the questions or answers harder or easier depending on student ability.

Once the interviewers ended up with the partner they started with, they all switched places with the students who had the profiles and we did the whole thing again. At least you know that at any time half the class will be quiet! Simple, but an resource way of getting pupils to use the second person when they spend most of their class time using the speed dating and third person. Here is a list of some games which I have french to work well over the years.

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The dating single moms meme we use come from a file called Drama in Language Teaching. Wie ist das Wetter?

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Write down on the borad some areas they could cover: They draw a column for each category and then you give them a letter.