Song lyrics i do not hook up kelly clarkson I Do Not Hook Up

Song lyrics i do not hook up kelly clarkson, lost password recovery

Lpluv not need a wake up call.

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Who cuses on a comment n if some1 wants a video then that's them take ur nasty attitude where it's wanted. Oh, no I do not up, up I fall deep 'Cause the more that you try the harder I'll fight to say goodnight. Oh, no, I do not hook up, up, I go slow So if you want me, I don't come cheap Keep your hand in my hand, your heart on your sleeve Oh, no, I do not hook up, up, I fall deep 'Cause the more that you try the harder I'll fight To say, 'cause the more that you try the harder I'll fight, to say goodnight Oh, sweetheart, put the bottle down 'Cause you don't wanna miss out Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

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It's kind of pathetic to come song lyrics five days later when you say you supposedly don't care. Oh, sweetheart put the bottle down You've got too much talent I see you through those bloodshot eyes There's a cure, you've found it Slow motion sparks, you've caught that chill Now don't deny it But boys will be boys, oh, yes they will They don't wanna define it Just give up the game and get into me If you're looking for thrills seniors dating uxbridge ontario get cold feet.

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This page is missing some information about the song. It's easy to criticise someone, but it's not easy to do what they do.

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Well her manger diden't want the song on the album so he toook it off I saw Katy a few weeks later and asked I f I could have the song she said sure so i record it and mixed it than well I got it". Make sure you've read our simple tips Hey!

I think the video is showing the shallowness and lack of substance these hookups have. You probly can't sing and I rock and I have friends and fans unlike u and I had a cold the week before I did the music video so don't talk like that I'm srry but I felt like I needed to say something but that's ur apinian so good luck were ever ur life goes and you all rock.

I Do Not Hook Up song meanings.

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So therefore, it was going to be a Katy Perry song but her magner diden't want it on thre so Kelly took it well it's her big hit! Her music has always stayed in the hook of pop.

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View 10 more explanations. Flag AllChokedUp on July 07, You gotta check out. I mean I don't really like how this album is all pop but shes still good. Its good song but.

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And this song is very funny and the video is even funner. More Kelly Clarkson Lyrics. What does this song mean to you? The interviewer asked why 'i do not hook up' was written by K.

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