Vcr hook up to flat screen Connect a Digital Cable Box, VCR, and DVD Player to a TV

Vcr hook up to flat screen, the rear of the vcr

You will never get the VCR to work with the component outputs.

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Find or buy yourself an inexpensive set of RCA plugs with three connectors on each end. Make sure that you have AV cables. The white middle right connector is the left audio out socket.

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The center contains a milky white plastic with a pinhole in the middle. Looking at the other questions and answers, I obviously need to get a set of component leads.

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The DVD output is via the component sockets as you have it. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. The blue and red inputs are for the colour information of the picture.

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Many VCRs come with these leads supplied. You must leave the red and blue sockets on the TV empty.

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The red and white audio will go the red and white audio input sockets on the TV. Something like these offerings from Amazon: Reflections on the TV Remote Hook up projector to ipad. There are two problems with this.

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For non European VCRs, you will need a cable with these plugs at each end. You are correct in that will need an adapter if your TV does not have any of the colored analgue inputs mentioned above. Again, insert the remaining yellow plug into the video input, the red plug into the left audio input and the white plug into the right audio input. Having found the yellow, red and white sockets, it is a simple matter of connecting the corresponding yellow, white and red plugs of the cable connected to the VCR to these sockets.

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If your TV does not have a Mono input, then you have two options: If you do, the TV thinks you are sending the color information via those sockets. Note that not all TVs label the video in a clearly as in the photo above. You can use a cheap mono to stereo adapter cable.

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InColumbus sailed the ocean blue with just three small ships. There may be more fat cats speed dating one set of them on your LCD. Although they all look the same, just different brands.

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Sit hook up to flat screen and enjoy. Then the other red and white sockets are for the right and left audio.

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I cannot get sound after poking the jacks in. The other end of the green lead should plugin to the yellow socket of the VCR as you have it.

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When he set out again on Sept. I assume it is a HDMI lead.