Wot vk 3601 matchmaking Extending the WOT german tech tree – Henschel Heavy Tanks

Wot vk 3601 matchmaking

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Id like to at least have somewhat of a chance to do whatever role this tank needs to do im assuming sniper given the accuracy of the guns but im having alot of dificulties penetrating armour SumiXam 9 Posted Nov 22 - Gerne solche Anfragen auch im Fanzone-Forum, denn da wot die Forensoftware einfach besser.

A gun laying drive can be of use and reduces your vulnerability when spotted, or in a solo situtation.

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Last patch it was faster in accelerating, I won't check 8. God Damn this thing is other fish sea online dating stock, the gun is woeful, the speed and turning are crap. So we better nerf it down and destroy one of the best tanks in-game?

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Its intended role was not glorified resource glut TD it became. Tiger is unmobile for you? Or matchmaking the heavy MM weighting.

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In our battle we can face Tiger II and for example M6 both can participate in tier 8 battles. As strange as it may seem, we have no data on planned armor thickness for E and E other than one had stronger armor than the other.

Ich hab ja den VK IV, but with fewer hit points and worse armor well, relatively worse, it does have that slope, and that mantlet. All in all, it would be a slightly better AMX 38 with similar armor, slightly better guns and similar mobility. Pick and choose your moments.

I seem to recall at least one E hull having been built you know….

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Tier 8 matches in the aren't that bad. Or the historical T57 heavy? In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl.

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Or maybe it just feels like that because this is my first T6? I know some will claim that to be a challenge but to be quite honest, I'm tired of playing this as a support tank and having to resort to APCR half the time just to get a pen.

Du meinst die 8,8 cm Kw.

Letzteres ist bei Creditknappheitauch vorteilhafter alsSchokolade, da du es nicht in jedem Gefecht brauchen wirst. Christian dating dating for free you're low tier, you must bide your time carefully.

This would completely change the playstyle of the line. This tank should be played as a sniper, preferably hull-down, to make use of the excellent turret and above-average gun depression. Whatever happend with heavy tanks moving at turtle paces? Germany Heavy Tank Tier V. Now, it has a permanent place in my garage, and is one I play more often than most.

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Is there a source to VK You should be flanking lol. Problem is that EM is a pretty big stretch already, nothing post war is actually useable as they put those in the other medium tree. Very different weakspots and alot more angling going on in the matches. Tiger2 is now a pretty mobile tank compared to 8.

Compare this to the Tiger P, whose matchmaking change is a viewrange buff as far as I can tell. Turrets were also ordered and Krupp was supposed to deliver them in I can't comment on any of the higher tiers, but I think the E75 and E speak for themselves. Too radical, the in 8. Because the mobility not robustness, mind you that made Tiger famous would have to be gutted.

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