Son yuke songpaisan dating Son Yuke anticipate future development, if in the future Patricia is the one then she is

Son yuke songpaisan dating

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Does she ask you to take care of Patricia? I went to eat with her mother. Will there be a chance for development? As for the future, just let nature takes its course.

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October 15, at 1: Thairath Celebrity Poll Response takes son long or there is JS error. And then u have Ken and Ann and then there is also Aum and Aff.

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I am closest to her too, because we only see each other at the filming set so we got close. If there is any problem we can yuke songpaisan to each other. I am close to her manager. She wants me to be a big brother, not anything else. Do you get to talk about the news?

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October 15, at I just support her. Son seems like a Gentalmen man, and Pat looks very sweet, so in cheering them on if Vill and Son are not happening. Nadech getting spicy with Patri People see you guys eating near Chula?

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Not to the point of asking but she does tell me to take care nong Patlike give advice for her to grow up beautifully. What is your ideal type? Your email address will not be published.

That is in the future. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. He discloses to us that the two of them are very close but only as sibling.

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Is this a way saying the mother give a green light? I pass there because the fitness I go to is close there.

People think you two are dating because you have a lakorn together? Even though fans are cheering to the point of being the villain but the party themselves never want to open their mouth to confirm.

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If someone is the one, then they are. Is age an obstacle?

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Is her mom cheering? She is only 17 years old. With her mother, they usually eat out together often already.

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She very young for himI always have cheer for Vill and Son but they seem to brazil gay dating sites apart, it seems like Vill is not willing to wait for him and the the datings that vill seems to sorround herself with is so differnt from Son. Just let her go to school and work. Son is 9 years older than Pat. Patricia Good clarifies relationship status w We are not dating.

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