Speed dating questions for students Speed dating questions for students

Speed dating questions for students

What time in history would you like to have been born?

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What about using an icebreaker, an exercise or activity that provides an opportunity for students and the instructor to get to know one another? What was your most embarrassing moment? What is your favorite month of the year and why? You can only have one cometic item for the rest of your life, what would it be? If you were the star of a movie, who would you want as your co-star?

Do you play sports, or belong to any other campus groups or clubs? For strategies on dealing with this issue, see the October 12, speed dating questions for students, Tips for Regulating the Use of Mobile Devices in the Classroom. Essentially it is an exercise or activity that provides an opportunity for students and the instructor to get to know one another. Some students come in late.

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A few months back a saavy instructor, thinking ahead to fall classes, asked us about using icebreakers on the first day of class. Who was the first crush you ever had? The Center for Teaching and Learning at Lansing Community College lists these benefits on their page online dating scout icebreaker activities:. Dating site in berlin germany Innovative Instructor blog is celebrating its five-year anniversary—we started posting in September It makes it easier for students to form relationships early in the semester so they can work together both in and out of class.

After a few minutes, students are asked to vote on the correct answer — if clickers are being used this can be done electronically, but a show of hands will suffice. If your computer could only link to one website, what would it be?

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Are you messy, neat or in-between? What is your favorite sporting activity?

Pay attention right from the beginning of the class; professors often offer the most interesting and important information at the beginning and ending of class. Some students have been engaged in conversations and did not see me or the box.

What are you most proud of?

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What color best describes your personality? What would be your chosen superpower and would you use it for good or evil?

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One exciting and motivating approach asks students to debate general interest questions relating the discipline. A post on from August 15,Back to Schooloffers speed dating questions for students resources. Students sitting in the back of the room have not been able to see the items on the table. We discuss all this with humor, but the inferences are clear.

If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions? Sit as close to the front of the room as possible. To mark the beginning of the academic year, here are some tips and helpful hints in the form of posts from the archives to get instructors started on another successful semester.

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Their answers will help you determine which one is a perfect match! There are some new resources included as well.

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The instructor then projects the first question and asks the students to discuss and decide on an answer speed dating paris 40 50 ans their groups. What tv show do you never miss? What is an icebreaker?