Stefan and elena real life dating Which Vampire Diaries stars are dating in real life?

Stefan and elena real life dating

Less surprisingly, that does not go smoothly.

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Please click here to learn how. Caroline invited Tyler to her baby shower, of course! The actress even gamely shared some behind-the-scenes photographs of the two of them on her social media accounts.

Another Find of Biblical Proportions. Now that "The Vampire Diaries" can be considered as a closed chapter, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley dating news have been making headlines recently.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev

Nerdist was started by Chris Hardwick and has real to be A many headed beast. We have a full game plan for her. That will help bring him closer to Bonnie.

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Caroline Forbes and Little Gilbert?! Phoebe plays feisty werewolf Hayley in the TVD universe. Their close friendship has led to several rumors of their dating being the reason behind their split with their respective partners, something that the two of them have already denied.

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Even though most of the couples that met on The CW series have called it quits there are few that are still standing. But we will be craving her when she does come back. Time will tell ….

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The two and them have yet to release an official statement on the matter. She also continues to grow her new friendship with Nora, surprisingly.

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You may have to live under a gossip-repelling rock to not know that these two on-screen lovers were also an off-screen couple until recently. Did I miss anyone?

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And you see Damon with her. To find out who exactly dated who and which vampire couples, um we mean real-life couples, are still going strong look through our gallery now.


These two still seem to be going strong! TAGS nina dobrev ian somerhalder Paul Wesley nina dobrev ian somerhalder nina dobrev paul wesley the vampire diaries the vampire diaries spinoff. Plus, Stefan is still dealing with daytime dating aftermath of his Phoenix Stone trip. But did you know that the stars of the hit CW drama have not only brought the heat on screen … but off the screen as well?

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The two were seen on a double date with actors Ben Indian dating reality shows and Shelley Hennig late last month, but there has been no official announcement as of yet. Dobrev's return to film "The Vampire Diaries" Season 8 have been a breeze despite the fact that she had to work with her now-married ex-boyfriend, Ian Somerhalder, thanks to Paul Wesley's presence and support.

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You may also like When oh when is poor Matt Donovan ever going to get some romance? In July Roerig made headlines when he petitioned for full custody of his 2-year-old daughter.

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If you think The Vampire Diaries romances are hard to keep track of on-screen, just try to keep straight all of the TVD cast members who have dated each other off-screen. McQueen were spotted making out at a club in Catalina, California, and the two were hot and heavy for a while until Steven got friendly with Hillary Harley, a Vampire Diaries production assistant, and Candice moved on to another co-star — Zach Roerig!

But prepare yourself for some real heartbreaking, tragic Defan revelations in the hour.

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