How do you hook up a dimmer switch Access Denied

How do you hook up a dimmer switch, how can we help you today?

These detectors are available at hardware stores and home centers.

Install It

Tighten the screws to secure the dating delhi ncr to the box, and fit the switch plate. Call an electrician if the original switch is connected to two white wires.

Identify the different colored wires, and attach the wires to the dimmer in the same way they had been attached to the switch. You will find that tightening or loosening the switch screws in the box by a few small twists makes a difference with how well the plate fits over the box.

Some wiring systems, like ours, rely on metal conduit for the hook.

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Add up the wattage of all the light bulbs you'll be dimming. Then unscrew the switch and pull it from the box. Reader's Digest Taste of Home Recipes.

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Turn off the power again before proceeding. Dimmer switch Wire connectors. Installing a dimmer switch is just as easy as installing a single-pole switch, and adjustable overhead lighting is a great improvement that adds appeal to any home. Others have screw terminals instead.

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To begin, turn off the power and double-check for hot wires in the box. If the tester lights, the box is grounded.

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Turn Off Power Step 2: But one of the wires may be white if your how is wired with plastic-sheathed cable. Screw the dimmer to the box with the screws provided. If the light can be switched on and off from two or more switches, buy a three-way dimmer switch.

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Gather tools and turn off the power to the switch Photo 1: Stop twisting when the connector is snug. Press a grounding clip and 6-in. Turn the power back on.

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Leave this circuit turned off while you work. Multiply this figure by 2 for gauge wire and 2.

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Use a screw driver again to loosen the screws holding the electrical wires on the side of the switch, and then detach the wiring from you switch.

If testing reveals your box isn't grounded, you can still install the dimmer, but you must use a plastic cover plate and make sure no bare metal parts are exposed. Then place our chances of dating instagram picture leads of a voltage tester between fa dating website switch terminal and the metal box.

Required Tools for this Project

Place the loop clockwise around the screw terminals and close the loop around the screws with the dimmer nose pliers. Strip new wire ends Clip off the bent end of each wire with the wire cutter. Turn on the light and have a helper watch as you switch off the circuit breakers, or unscrew the fuses one at a time until the light goes out.

Plastic boxes have their volume stamped inside.

Required Materials for this Project

Clip off the bent end of each wire with the wire cutter. If your wires are solid copper, create a loop in the end of the wire with the pliers and guide it around the screw on the side of the dimmer.

Then tighten the screws. Once the wires are attached, you can gently fold any excess wire and compress the dimmer into the electrical box.

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If you have one of these systems, Photo 3 shows how to test the metal box to verify that it's grounded. The tools you'll need are inexpensive and will come in handy for all your electrical projects.

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If you have a steel box, measure it Photo 2 and consult the chart to see if it's large enough.