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Try the duck poutine and mac and cheese. This is a great bar in the Plateau with a cosy and relaxed ambiance. Staff is laid-back and friendly.

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It has a vintage video game area and a neat luchadore theme. I snagged a front row seat at the bar Photo cred - paperplanes.

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When looking for a beautiful, romanic spot for oysters and cocktails look no further. Everyone that I went with was enchanted by the place: Hookah is excellent and very reasonably priced.

Dance your ass off, you're at Stereo! Adorable place, both intimate and spacious - always had room for us right away.

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Everything's delicious and the place is ideal for romantic dates. The food was exquisite: The music is chill yet groovable, they have tables inside and a couple of bars upon which everyone migrates. The staff truly care about you having the time of your life.


Good desserts tho limited choice and good wine list. Plus you can order in Chinese food from a nearby restaurant. Amazing food, amazing service. The feed is fantastic and wait staff is very accommodating.

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Mercifully, a non-tacky tiki bar. Though it's squarely on the restaurant side of this list, Agrikol, the dual-effort between a pair of Toronto restaurateurs and Montreal's Grammy-winning Arcade Fire is a super-flexible date location and less of a classic appetizer-mains-desserts place.

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You don't go there for food, they can sell you panini, olives or nachos, but they don't have a kitchen, so you usually don't take your meal there. There're many things to say about this place: The Martini's are to die for and the apple cider is spot on. Terasse was intimate and spacious!


The staff are all really friendly and charismatic, the crowd is down to earth, and the bars dating are very reasonable. Cocktails, delicious bites, DJs, and parties. Intimate place, great for date night and super attentive service. The beer and service are outstanding.

These are guaranteed to become your favourite places to have your romance blossom at.

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Share a dish for montreal, especially if it's fish. Their Sunday nights are probably one of the Plateau's best kept secrets. This unusual combination will make you forget that you're in Montreal.

The live music starts at 6: The music is present, and reasonably loud, but not so you have to shout, or even pay much attention to it.


Also the tapas-style food offerings are top quality. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to continue. Charcuterie and cheese are good date bets, and you can safely free dating sites in india pune drinks that aren't wine and still enjoy it.

A varied tapas menu means you're not committed to a whole meal if your date tanks. Good cocktails and a great environment.