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Dating scan empty sac, welcome to the coffeehouse

Glucose screening, learning your baby's sex, screening for Down syndrome, and more tests you should know about. Kind of hoping my period hurries up now so can get back on track with boa speed dating again!

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I think from all the pp's it seems usual for a scan not to show a heartbeat at this stage so I tink it's perfectly reasonable to ask for your bloods to be taken. As I am nearly 39 datings scan old and this was my first pregnancy I truly hope I will be able to conceive a healthy baby next time round.

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So glad to hear everything looks on track. As long as they are informed by the GP in advance what they will or won't see at the scan. Just hang in there, 7 days is a long time in early pregnancy.

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So I'm still measuring a week behind my rock solid dates but the baby grew the right amount in the last 5 days. Hello Vicky and welcome I am sorry that you are going through such a tough time There are many people here who have been through a similar experience and they understand just how hard it can be.

Empty Gestational Sac at 12 weeks - what a horrid shock!

Early scan showed tiny empty sac. However at 41 my chances of this occurring were very high.

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That is fantastic news Joanne, i'm so pleased for you. Sometimes getting an ultrasound too early can just cause fear and anxiety!

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I had a miscarriage 3 years ago and do not want to experience the same trauma again. Has anyone had a very early scan and seen an empty sac when there probably should have at least been a yolk sac?

Are you dating from LMP or ovulation? For Annie L 72 - blighted ovum Dear Annie, just want to send you a big hug and best wishes for your health.

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Looking for a pushchair? The sense of loss is enormous. If i were you i wouldn't give up hope and ask if you can have a blood test which will show what your hcg levels are. The doctors said sac still could be a possibility of one of the sacs showing a foetus but I don't think so as this has been going on for weeks now.

This is my 2 miscarriage.

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They might be able to answer some of your questions, either via the helpline or through their variety of leaflets. My husband isn't hook up sites western australia as he has his own company so he wouldn't get paid and I think dating scan busy is the best way of coping, he works locally so he's empty sac at the end of the phone if I need him and our dog is keeping me company and pleased I'm home.

I've been googling this for ages and I could use someone to talk to. Cannot believe how many lovely ladies there are out there who are willing to share their experiences no matter how traumatic and difficult it's been.

I felt convinced everything would be ok, right until the moment they told me empty was no heartbeat. Which one is the one with the full anaestetic that they put you to sleep?

any success stories after an empty sac at 6w

The time now is Find out what to pack, and how to have a safe and smooth journey. Originally Posted by Vicky M Had midwife today and little sod has turned and now breech.

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They should be able to pick up a heartbeat at 6 weeks. I had a dating scan at approx 5 weeks at that stage I didn't know it was so early otherwise would of waited. Keep us posted, I'll be checking to see how you're getting on. So I'm completely confused.

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