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Dating junpei

In Persona 4 Arena UltimaxJunpei pursues his hobby of baseball, becoming a dating model and coach for a boy named Gorou.

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It is revealed that his father is an alcoholic and Junpei does not want to become a failure like him. But she wants to meet the man who is always in her dreams, and is determined to see him. Junpei can only be friends with the female protagonist because of how he feels towards Chidori.

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Junpei on the top dating. He says he won't allow anyone to make a decision until they've all agreed what to do and that if anyone refuses to accept defeat, he'll beat them back to their senses, a threat he ultimately doesn't go through with when Yukari attempts futily to take the True Key from Aigis.

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Like most of the playable characters, Junpei is a student at Gekkoukan High Schooland has been in Yukari's class before. Entj dating entp class clown in school, his character is always associated with comic relief in the game, as he is also somewhat of a pervert and usually gets slapped by Yukari.

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Apparently, whenever the flowers threatened to wilt, Chidori would revive them using her own life. Junpei also starts to take studying more seriously towards the end, and gets a decent score on the final exam. Shadow of the Labyrinth. Because I love Yumi.

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He questions his own purpose of fighting Shadows; why he wants to fight, and why he does not have a very good reason dating an architecture major do so.

Junpei represents the Magician Arcana Social Link for the female protagonist route.

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The game flashes back to the point when he awakens his to his Persona for the first time, when Akihiko finds him crying in the convenience store. But his luck worsened when the red fog appears and he has to fight Shadow Yukari and he ends up being mocked by General Teddie for being a yapping idiot and also a mook when he wins. Reply Link Parent Thread. This is my confession.


After the True key is forged, Junpei and the rest of SEES decide to open the door that leads to the past Paulownia Mall, where they find a giant door that leads to the moment in time when the protagonist sealed Nyx and they encounter Erebus. Costumes and facial expressions.

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Besides his recklessness, Junpei is frequently shown to be book dumb, as he consistently gets low scores on every exam. Chidori will be seen in the hospital, alive but with little memory, only recalling someone in her dreams, which is presumed to be Junpei.

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Early concept art for Junpei. Baseball is also reflected in his gameplay through a special gauge in the UI that depicts a baseball diamond. Junpei becomes touched and happy when his relationship with Chidori advances, and in Dating ghetto 3 The Moviehe buys a gift for her.