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I'll ask my parents if they have anything from the dating, i'll just blur out the terms and stuff like that. I've never really watched documentaries but artificial intelligence online dating what I've seen, there is nearly not enough emphasize on how hard they all work and how tightly packed schedules they have and how late they stay up and how early they wake up for recordings of shows and performances.

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Poor jyp once again. Did you lived in SM dorms? I always thought that the reason its mainly within their company is cuz since theyre so busy all the time, artists in the same building are mire available than other artists.

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As previously mentioned, chinese members weren't really affected They will probably merge into EXO-K and just do Korean from now on with 8 Korean members, mark my words, tao and lay will leave. SM knows they have the upper hand, they can disable all sources. But he finally admit it, meaning, while he was hitting it big in the entertainment world, he dated PHB.

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Sorry for being biased, lmao. Jenny Kim left YG because their girl group plans were always delayed and her debut was uncertain. Share This Page Tweet.

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Not for me, I only got to practice Danger with sm no dating 10 other people and Taemin behind closed doors, not on cam or live. Kpop was a lot different back when Suju first debuted. EXO's Kai stuns with his sexy abs in 'Elle' A representative reinstated previous reports about the couple, saying, "The two were close friends and began having feelings for each other this year.

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Dec 10, Messages: All while deflecting attention from that nasty lawsuit hearing. Probably inner issues, battling with yourself, not the coaches, or co-trainees.

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But it's still weird that the two people dating are always both from SM and how KaiStal became official really close to EXO's 4th year anniversary, however it maybe because Kai was waiting for the right time to tell SM. If people would know, probably just find it weird that's all, homosexuality is not that advanced in Korea, think 's in america.

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Cube is JYP's sister company.