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Coc wiki matchmaking

Can they help me increase it?

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Andrew Zhang April 1, at 6: The best attack performed against an allied or enemy War Base can be viewed via the replay button shown when you tap a town hall in the war map. The current maximum loot comes from raiding a TH11 with full collectors and 4.

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You can increase this bonus by attacking and defeating enemy War Bases the number of stars won does not matter. Gareth Paulus April 1, at 6: I'm confused, please help me.

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Dallas Patterson April 1, at 6: Seattle dating scene 2015 only concern is that my clan has like a 40 match win streak, the only match we lost was against modders. Town Hall level does affect multiplayer in two ways: This is the day when clans prepare their defenses, gather information about, and start making plans against the opposing clan. Despicable April 1, at 6: Some players take ditching Trophies to a whole new level: If you see a large discrepancy in the number of Trophies available to win vs.

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Check here — https: Well, except for the Clan Castle actually - the loot penalty simply does not apply to what is looted from it. Games Movies TV Wikis.

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The highest strength war bases are at the top of the war map. Immortan Joe April 1, at 6: This allows you to fight against a person who has attacked you first. Think TheDominator stands much of a chance?

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We should be able to use our Heroes in war, regardless of them being upgraded!!!! Flammy's version of Farming. You can only matchmaking 2 times during battle day, so make each attack count!

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You do this by attacking with a single unitagain and again. After a war attack is over, the defending Clan Castle troops that were defeated are automatically replenished.

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We matchmaking got a grossly mismatch war! Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. It's to narrow down the most suitable matches coc trophy hunting or farming.

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Landon Smith April 1, at 6: It's based on both, one is that the trophy range is from what I currently know, trophies above or below you is the range. Each level has a preset amount of loot that can only be earned ONCE, however most of the time you will spend more Elixir on troops than you get as a reward.

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However, inactive members will not use their attacks and will not receive any bonus loot.