Dating fairbanks banjos Vega Serial Numbers

Dating fairbanks banjos

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Extended Fingerboards Back to catalogue images one can see that the two higher end Styles X, De Luxe sport the extended fingerboards with 22 frets, effectively providing a three octave range.

Deering acquired the name "Vega" and began making their Vega line in the mids. Changes in musical tastes and the wave of big band popularity made the banjo difficult to hear and pushed it toward obsolescence.

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Banjo has mother of pearl inlay under the strings, beautiful mahogany finish on back. Filmspectrum information banjos including by banjo numbers, construction tonerings, wanted sale.

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I have been told that recordings of Hayes' superb playing exist but have not been able to acquire any of them. As he recalls, perhaps four were Tubaphone No.

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The tuning in 5ths was very convenient for single-note playing but when chorded gave the instrument a somewhat harsh sound that led players to later dating ideas in baltimore md remove the 5th string from the standard banjo creating the plectrum banjo. Many on one page is fine. Originally posted by hbick2 Hi.

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The British publication, Banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar, ran a long and fascinating series of articles on him that ran from late well into I found this in Norther Illinois. I have to say that my instrument does not look any 90 years old. On the Whyte-Laydie No. When they bought the Fairbanks Co. I banjo 5 string and I knew this was a passions dating after banjo.

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Martin, a respected guitar manufacturer, in Nazareth, PA. This is a Vega Fairbanks Style N banjo from Metal nameplate screwed into dowel forum. First Vega Only Stamp: A metal bracket band contains the lug bolts avoiding holes in the rim for a solid tone.

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Just after WW1 and pre-prohibition. If the link doesn't work well for you, try the version that Eddie has in the third post of the "cylinder backs" thread of this dating fairbanks. The number was applied when the banjo was about ready to ship. It's in beautiful condition. Luthier Search Hangout Merchandise. For those wondering where I put all of these instruments, I have added a page on living with vintage instruments.

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A new series of speed dating bayside was started in February, I spent years trying to find this information. Banjo frame use our easy online designer add artwork, photos, text.

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I bought it in England in Aug but, on doing some research after its purchase, I'm almost sure that my English seller got it in Denver, Co, as I saw an out-of-date ad, with a contact number in Denver, on an internet auction site describing what I'd bought - almost to a 'T' - but before it was cleaned up.